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Our greatest pride is in being a company you can trust

• Experience: 25 years of family history in the Texas home Improvement market.
• Ethics: We believe only honesty and integrity can help us build lasting, personal relationships with our customers.
• Excellence: From processes to products to people, we pursue the quality and professionalism that characterize successful, reputable businesses.

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The Teekell family has figured prominently in the Texas home improvement market for almost three decades, founding Allied Siding & Windows in 1988 and opening the doors on Allied Outdoor Solutions in September of 2009. Originally operating exclusively in Houston, we have since expanded Allied Outdoor Solutions across the state and beyond in response to wider demand. Even as some of the faces and locations have changed through the years, we are proud to maintain the same core competencies: providing homeowners with beautiful products and great customer service at a fair market price. We are grateful for the projects homeowners entrust to us, and we go above and beyond so they know their trust was well placed. We look forward to continued growth, one home at a time.


What does it mean to be “Built Different”? It means Allied Outdoor Solutions takes pride in being, well, just a bit different than other construction firms. We make our tough decisions easier—and sometimes, tougher—by putting integrity at the center of our decision-making processes. We surprise clients with the transparency of our operations. We respect our clients’ intelligence by providing them with detailed literature and information on our processes and products. We never get comfortable with the quality of our builds: we think meeting our own high standards just means it’s time to find higher ones. We’re hyper-focused on doing what’s right even when it doesn’t make us popular. We’re okay with being different, in the end, because we want to provide more than just a high quality construction project: we want to make a difference in the lives of our colleagues, our clients, and our community. We hope you decide to entrust us with your project and discover for yourselves what it means to be “Built Different.”


“I really liked the guys who did the stonework. They were really, really nice and very polite. They did good work, too. They did Carvestone around the pool deck in our backyard. They sat and explained everything that they were doing. Because my kids were trying to watch them, they even explained it to my kids, who are three and five. They were really good with them. They were awesome.”

“Allied Outdoor did some work for me. They put in Carvestone on top of an existing cement patio that we had, and they also did the sidewalk around the garage. Everything has held up fine so far. We had them come back and work on some edges, and so far, everything’s OK. I’d give them an A.”

“Allied Outdoor did a great job. They worked on my patio. The workers did good work and had a fast response, so that gets an A.”

“I worked with my pool guy, he contracted Allied Outdoor Solutions to come in and do the patio around the pool. They did a beautiful job. Everything looked good.”

“They were attentive to what I wanted done and did it, and when I needed a little bit of follow-up, they were on it promptly and quickly. They were also good about cleaning up the job site each night. Their customer service was excellent.”

“Allied Outdoor Solutions did patio work for me. They were prompt and professional, and the quality was well done. I’d rate them an A.”

“Allied did foundation work here. Five or six guys showed up to do the work and they did a good job. They were good, fast, hard workers. They arrived on time and completed the work within the time frame that they said they would. And so far, the work has held up great.”

“They’re A+. I liked their professionalism and the way that they handled the project. They poured a slab outside, and then they put the overlay on the slab. They quality of work was very good, and their cleanup was exceptional-they didn’t destroy any of my grass. I’d recommend them highly.”

“We liked what they did with a neighbor’s yard, so we had them expand my back patio. And then they used Carvestone over the new patio and the existing patio. They had two different groups do the work-five guys to put the patio in and three to do the Carvestone. They started the work early, and they completed the work on time. So that deserves an A+.”

“They resurfaced our driveway. I called them, and they came out and did their presentation, which was informative. They gave us a lot of choices, and we felt we had control through the entire process, and we’re more than pleased with the finished product. Their working crew was very courteous, and they communicated well. They did Carvestone on our concrete. They got there on time, and they even went the extra mile and did extra for us that they didn’t need to do; they put a coating on our front porch and our back porch as well. That wasn’t part of the deal, and they did it for us.”

“Allied Outdoor Solutions went above and beyond, to be honest. They had scheduled to have the job start on a Thursday and be finished on a Tuesday, and when they found out it might rain the next week, they worked Saturday and Sunday instead to get it all done. They had an excellent crew-cleaned up everything really well and worked with us on everything. They were very, very good.”

“I highly recommend Allied Outdoor Solutions. My patio is now covered in what looks like slate, but it’s not – the workers did it in the concrete. The quality of their work was perfect.”

Our Leadership

Drew Williams


Drew received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and has worked in many different facets of the construction industry: he spent a year building pools, two years pouring concrete, a year building houses, and even a short time in plumbing. All of this experience set him up well for a career managing these lines of work; and unsurprisingly, he is most passionate about our complex projects, the ones where all of the diverse expertise at Allied comes together to create something the homeowner is proud of.

Justin Cheney

Vice President

Justin has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and began work in the oil and gas industry with Schlumberger. He worked as a project engineer for several years there before moving on to work in the same capacity at JT Thorpe. He likes to say his time in the oil and gas industry prepared him to bring the professionalism of corporate America to the often rough and tumble world of home improvement.

Mark Williams

Director of Carvestone Operations

Mark spent time in the farming, landscaping, and concrete industries before coming on board in early 2011. A published poet and scholar with a PhD in Rhetoric, Mark’s unique combination of know-how, analysis, and creativity are perfectly suited for the carvestone division, where both form and function are central to our projects.

Bradley Brazleton

Director of Construction Operations

Bradley earned a degree as a civil engineer and originally took a job working as a design engineer with Black and Veatch. Bradley then spent years working as a project engineer at JT Thorpe before coming to Allied, where he has harnessed that experience to help expand our commercial footprint. His expertise lines up perfectly with what Allied requires in a division manager: he has the ability to treat small projects and large projects with the same careful approach.

Chad Turner

Director of Project Management

Chad has a BS in Mathematics and previously worked at Lockheed Martin as a Project Engineer.  Chad transitioned into residential construction in 2013, where he has balanced responsibilities in virtually every aspect of our industry, and is extraordinarily familiar with all the workings of our company.  He now utilizes his expertise to fine-tune and streamline our processes, using technological advancements to keep our management, administrative office, sales force, project managers, and customers well informed and operating with maximum efficiency.

Jordan Winar

Director of Sales

Jordan received a communications degree and has since worked in several different capacities for large medical and technical sales companies. Most notably he spent time at Gartner before joining the staff at Allied. Jordan brings an enthusiastic approach to each day and has worked tirelessly to make sure that Central Texas and Phoenix have a contractor they can trust.

Office Team

Allied Outdoor Solutions - Office Staff

Project Consultants

Allied Outdoor Solutions - Project Consultants

Production Team

Stephen White

General Manager: Construction

Allied Outdoor Solutions Construction General ManagerStephen has worked for several years in home construction and remodeling, working his way up to management roles before coming to Allied. His Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Math, Education, and Theology give him a unique perspective as a problem-solver and teacher. He will work with you throughout the production process to make sure that you are pleased with the high quality of your finished project.

Matt Bennett

Director of Operations: Houston

Matt Bennett Photo Matt studied communications and has experience in both the corporate world and the construction industry. He is passionate about helping Allied customers see their outdoor spaces come to life, taking an organized, systematic approach to his work! His discipline and upbeat personality make him fun and easy to work with.